Klinik Sanssouci

The ambience of a villa complex located in the historic center of Potsdam, internationally renowned physicians and an always attentive and friendly nursing staff: that is Klinik Sanssouci.

An exceptional environment for surgical excellence and the highest level of patient comfort are a justified wish of every patient. We have thus logically aligned the conception and the equipment of the Klinik Sanssouci with this aspiration.


Best Medical Care

As a key factor in the well-being of our patients, we offer customized medical care in a specially developed environment. Operators at Klinik Sanssouci are proven specialists in their field and meet our high standards not only professionally but also personally.

Our nursing staff contributes significantly to the personal atmosphere in our stylish and quietly located clinic. In a competent and friendly manner, they make our patients’ stay as pleasant and safe as possible.

Our comprehensive care concept means that medical and nursing staff are available to our patients at all times – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This principle of the constant presence of competent physicians and experienced ward nurses provides security in critical phases and reserved availability during rest periods.

We know that healing success is also significantly influenced by the patient’s trust in his or her medical environment. For this reason, we create an atmosphere of binding and personal communication: every patient has a clear contact person in the form of the doctor who operates on him, who looks after him responsibly through all phases of his stay.

The specialist involvement of physiotherapy in our clinic ensures that the appropriate physiotherapeutic treatment can be started immediately after the surgery. The individual therapy plans drawn up in close consultation with our surgeons are implemented under the expert guidance of experienced physiotherapists.

We emphasize effective pain management in order to make your stay after the surgery as comfortable as possible.


Top Level Equipment

The extensive equipment of the Klinik Sanssouci meets the highest technical standards, so that the entire spectrum of medical activity of the respective surgical specialties is covered. The three fully air-conditioned operating rooms are equipped, among other things, with surgical microscopes, endoscopy and arthroscopy units, as well as image converters for intraoperative X-rays. The entire medical instrumentation is composed far beyond the usual, so that even highly specialized surgical methods can be applied. A radiological center with magnetic resonance imaging complements the technical capabilities of Klinik Sanssouci.


Friendly Atmosphere

Our bright, friendly rooms are equipped with fully automatic beds, usually have a balcony, are air-conditioned and have bedside cabinets. In addition, the media equipment of each bed includes a flat-screen TV, as well as telephone and free internet connection.



The beautiful balconies and the spacious terrace with a view of the park create a pleasant ambience that contributes significantly to a relaxed stay.

The rooms in the comfort station and comfort station plus+ offer even more features.



Hospitals generally have a complex work organization, as various occupational groups and highly specialized professionals are involved in patient treatment at the same time. Accordingly, a reliable safety culture is important to us in order to offer our patients the highest possible quality of care. This includes that our patients can rely on medical and nursing staff being there for them in the clinic around the clock on all days.

Before, during and after surgery, our five permanently employed anesthesiologists ensure optimum patient safety. Through our certified internal controlling system, all organizational processes are recorded, evaluated and further developed. Our feedback management provides us with important information to ensure high service quality and patient satisfaction.



The goal of hospital hygiene is to prevent the development and transmission of infections. To this end, we develop prevention and treatment strategies and apply them consistently.

Our hospital has a hygiene commission which, in close coordination with the health authorities, is responsible for implementing the guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute on infection and hospital hygiene. The commission consists of a nurse in charge of hygiene, the physician in charge of hygiene, a specialist in hospital hygiene and the clinic management.

The surgical instruments are being sterilized in our modern, central reprocessing department.



We want our patients to feel comfortable at Klinik Sanssouci and therefore also orient our nutrition to their special medical or personal needs.

Our staff prepares breakfast and dinner for you with the best ingredients from the region.

Lunch is supplied by the Menümanufaktur Hofmann. As a traditional house, the Menümanufaktur consistently pursues sustainable cooperations and joint concepts with farms and regional producer groups.


Our Clinic In Numbers

History Opening in 1994
Equipment OP 3 operating rooms with 3 arthroscopy/laparoscopy units, 3 X-ray image converters, 2 surgical microscopes, sterilization and instrument preparation, recovery room with 6 monitor stations
Number of beds 44 fully automatic beds in 31 one-bed/two-bed rooms and 2 three-bed rooms, all rooms with shower/toilet, individual flat-screen TV, telephone, free wifi, almost all rooms with balcony and air conditioning 20
Parking 20 underground parking spaces
Output approx. 2,100 inpatient and approx. 30 outpatient operations/year
Number of staff over 100 full-time employees / 50 freelancers

We are a private clinic licensed in accordance with § 30 GewO (German trade regulations) without a care mandate with a focus on surgical medicine. The main focus is on endoprosthetics with approx. 1,000 operations per year. Services are provided by employed specialists and specialists working as attending physicians.

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