Patient Feedback

After three spinal surgeries, another one was out of the question.
However, constant severe pain, X-ray and MRI images and the opinion of four doctors convinced me of the necessity of a fourth surgery.
I had this very difficult surgery done at the Klinik Sanssouci. Now I am back and happy about this decision.
My thanks go to all who contributed to the success of the surgery. Whether doctors, nurses or the people from the service department – everyone did an excellent job.
I never had the feeling of being in a hospital. On the contrary, it was as if I was being cared for in a large family.
I would go back to this house for treatment at any time if necessary and can honestly recommend it.
Everyone there deserves their money and should get at least twice as much.

I was a patient at Klinik Sanssouci from 07.09.-12.09.2021 and had a partial knee prosthesis. I felt very well taken care of from the very beginning. The surgery took place on 08.09. without complications and I recovered very quickly. I was very impressed with the all-round care provided by doctors, nurses and service staff. The food was amazing for me. Breakfast and dinner were prepared with a lot of love! I would like to express my special thanks to my surgeon Dr. Beier! It was really impressive how he took care of me before and after the surgery. He also visited the Klinik one day before my discharge to check on my condition. And that was indeed excellent! Once again, I would like to thank the entire team at Klinik Sanssouci!

The clinic has more the character of a hotel, which is meant 100% in a positive sense. A great ambience with a staff where every single person would have deserved the award “Employee of the Year”. No matter if nursing staff, service staff or assistant doctors. I have only been a “normal cash patient”, but I have really never experienced such attentive and loving care. I have plenty of comparisons.
The almost stylish dinner, prepared to the highest standard (I couldn’t move my right arm) by the staff member Nico, also contributed to the all-around feeling of well-being and to getting fit again more quickly.
Where can you still find something like that nowadays? Now I know: at Klinik Sanssouci.

Now I have been here in the clinic for almost 2 weeks. The nurses and the great kitchen crew are especially outstanding. I would like to thank you all very much for the care, the kindness and helpfulness, the sensitive words and the great care. If all people were treated with your humanity, our world would be a much better place. Thank you!

My second hallux valgus surgery was performed at this clinic. I have rarely experienced such great care as in this house. All the staff I dealt with were very friendly and endeavored to make my stay as pleasant as possible. The loving preparation of the meals was exceptional.

AWESOME! A very big praise to all! With how much love you are cared for and the food is designed. You almost get a guilty conscience to be allowed to recover here! The food is mega good, the selection very good; great climate, super nice staff! I have never been in a hospital that was anywhere near as great. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Had 4 leg surgeries here and absolutely loved the stay at the clinic! Super motivated and friendly nurses, top food. So I was able to get through the operations really well. A huge thank you from me!

I had ankle and lower leg surgery here by Dr. Boack in May 2021 and would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire clinic team for the great care. A special thanks to the nursing staff, the service staff and the cleaning team as well as the kitchen. This is how one would like to be treated. Keep it up…

Great clinic with top equipment. The staff was super friendly and helpful. I found the food better than in many hotels. I felt completely comfortable there and would always like to go back.

A clinic that all large clinics should take a leaf out of their book. It doesn’t get any better than this. Super staff in all areas. Thank you!

Super clinic, great team, very well organized. Great food, great equipment – all in all just great.

You can feel that the staff enjoys working here.

Whether medical, nursing, physiotherapeutic or other care personnel: everyone gave their all and no wishes were left unfulfilled.

Feel good feeling due to delicious food, super friendly staff and good room facilities.

I felt in the best hands from the first second until I was discharged.

Exceptional competence, helpfulness, friendliness and service.

A wonderful collegial cooperation of doctors and nursing staff, who are all very competent professionally and humanly.

A very good overall package all around.

I especially like the friendly, attentive and approachable nature of the staff.

Because it is so quiet, one does not have the feeling of being lost in the “crowd”.

…the friendly atmosphere that the entire team gave me. There was not one person who didn’t enjoy the work. This is not a matter of course and it makes you feel very comfortable as a patient. Great, really great!