Latest Corona Rules

We implemented far-reaching measures at an early stage to protect against the spread of the virus in our facility. These include:

  • Since 01.03.2023, a limited visiting right for clinic patients applies until further notice. You can visit your relatives again from Monday to Sunday between 3 pm and 6 pm. Please note that only 1 visitor per day is allowed.
  • Since April 12th, 2023 masks are no longer mandatory entering our premises.
  • For inpatients: On admission, you will be tested for corona with a rapid test (regardless of vaccination status). The following applies for the anesthesia consultation in the consultation center: no test.

If you have had contact with a Corona-positive person in your immediate vicinity in the last 7 days or if you yourself have symptoms typical of Corona, please contact our front desk (✆ 0331 – 280 87 0). We will then inform you about the further procedure.

The employees of Klinik Sanssouci are regularly trained in all necessary hygiene and protective measures and are tested for corona at least twice a week. All employees are urged to keep all contacts, events, training, etc. to a minimum.

For more up-to-date information on the Corona virus, please see the following pages:

The RKI answers frequently asked questions (FAQ) and issues risk assessments, among other things.
At the Federal Center for Health Education you will find information on proper behavior, including hygiene tips and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).