Dr. med. Tonio Gottlieb

Specialist in Surgery


Foot surgery and ankle surgery: treatment and surgical care of the entire foot from the ankle to the forefoot including small toe deformities

Range of Medical Services

Surgical treatment of foot deformities, e.g. hallux valgus, hallux rigidus, flatfoot, bending and splayfoot or deformities of the small toes, e.g. hammer toe or claw toe. Lower leg and ankle joint corrections, ankle joint athroscopy and other ankle joint surgeries. Foot and ankle injuries, e.g. fractures, tendon and ligament problems, chondropathy and cartilage reconstruction. Correction of deformities and correction of pre-operated feet, athrosis of the foot or ankle, chronic foot pain, foot diseases, orthopedics

Contact / Consultation Hours
Praxis Dr. Gottlieb
Im Forum Zehlendorf
Teltower Damm 35
14169 Berlin
✆ +49 (0) 30 80 58 12 07
🖷 +49 (0) 30 80 58 12 08
📧 dr.gottlieb@der-fusschirurg.de

More Information
Interview with Dr. Tonio Gottlieb (in German)


  • German Society for Foot and Ankle Surgery (Gesellschaft für Fuß- und Sprunggelenkchirurgie e.V.)
  • German Association for Foot and Ankle Surgery (Deutsche Assoziation für Fuß und Sprunggelenk e.V. (D.A.F.))