Changing health insurance provider in 2022

For patients with statutory health insurance (SHI patients), it is much easier to change health insurance providers. In Germany, there will be a total of 95 statutory health insurance funds by the cut-off date of 01.01.2024, which are in principle freely selectable. The Klinik Sanssouci currently cooperates with 29 of these health insurance companies. Patients of these statutory health insurance companies can be treated in our clinic after clarification of costs.

The main changes to the new health insurance choice law

  • Termination not applicable: If you want to change your health insurance company, simply submit a new application to the new company, which can of course also be done online. The new health insurance company will then take care of terminating the contract with the old health insurance company.
  • Change of insurance provider with new employer: In the event of new employment, members subject to compulsory insurance can change their insurance provider immediately – without giving notice to the advance payer and without complying with the commitment period.
  • New commitment period: The commitment period to the health insurance fund is reduced from 18 to 12 months.
  • No health checks: There are still no health checks by the new health insurance company, so basically anyone can change their health insurance company.

Short overview

  • Since 2021, SHI patients will be able to change health insurers even more easily
  • Klinik Sanssouci cooperates with 29 statutory health insurance companies
  • Termination not applicable
  • Change of insurance provider with new employer
  • New commitment period
  • No health checks
  • In individual cases, cost approvals from other statutory health insurers are also possible
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